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Web Hosting, Server, Colocation, DDos, VPS
And Web Security Services

We specialize in ensuring the safety and speed of your service. DDos Attack, Colocation, Web Hosting, Cloud, Groupware We will help you focus on services. We provide an All-in-One solution to grow your business online. Affordable Online Solutions for any types of business! emails, websites and more to kickstart your online presence; high specs servers and digital marketing services to improve your website traffic and conversion

24 x 7 Security

All our data centers offer 24/7 security, which involves security guard patrol, continuous CCTV surveillance of external/internal areas, access control permissions, ID verification, and card-key access into the data center.


We are the specialists when it comes to colocation hosting. reduce latency, improve availability, and provide disaster recovery

DDoS Mitigation

Our DDoS mitigation service can deal with layer 3/4/7 attacks. Thus ensuring your DNS, web application, and infrastructure is under 24/7 protection.


We are specialists in providing software as well as infrastructure. We provide cloud solutions and develop apps and web in various fields.

Linkhard provides private cloud solutions from FLYRAFT

FLYRAFT provides a private solution called Linkhad. Linkhard will reduce the burden of sharing your storage and deliver the benefits of privacy.

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LINKHARD Solution provides a security-first solution which puts IT in complete control over the location and access policies of data with a hybrid or private cloud solution.
  • Direct control: Domain, IP, operating time, data ownership, record management of server
  • Secure link management: password, down limit, date, distribution path by link
  • Security setting: Specify allowable IP for each member, block IP, block duplicate login
  • Easy installation & compatibility
  • Upload large files and folders
  • Save time uploading to other servers